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Arts Academy
Guidance Department

Mrs. Loveria

Mrs. Wendy Loveria
Last Names A-F

Mr. Womack

Mr. Randall Womack
Last Names G-M

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Tyshae Moore
Last Names N-Z

Guidance Department Offers:

1. Comprehensive Student Support:

  • The guidance staff at BAVPA provides individualized assistance to students, addressing their academic, social, and emotional needs.

  • They offer guidance on course selection, career exploration, and personal growth.

2. Career Planning and Exploration:

  • BAVPA counselors help students explore various artistic and academic pathways.

  • They assist in identifying career interests, setting goals, and planning for post-secondary education or artistic pursuits.

3. Self-Discovery and Personal Development:

  • Students engage in self-reflection, understanding their strengths, interests, and values.

  • Counselors facilitate workshops, discussions, and activities that promote self-awareness.

4. Educational and Vocational Development:

  • BAVPA’s guidance program collaborates with teachers in equipping students with essential skills to ensure that they meet New York State Learning Standards.

  • They guide students in academic planning, study skills, and time management.

5. Collaboration with Stakeholders:

  • Counselors work closely with parents, teachers, and administrators to create a supportive environment.

  • They collaborate on student success strategies, intervention plans, and academic accommodations.

6. Responsive Services:

  • BAVPA counselors offer crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and emotional support.

  • They address issues related to mental health, stress, and personal challenges

7. College and Career Readiness:

  • Counselors assist students in researching colleges, scholarships, and artistic programs.

  • They organize college fairs, workshops, and visits to enhance students’ readiness for higher education.

  • They assist in the completion of FAFSA, TAP, and Say Yes applications.

8. Resource Hub:

  • The Guidance Suite (Room 224) houses extremely valuable resources for students.

  • Whether it’s scholarship information, mental health resources, or career materials, students can find assistance here.

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