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Q: When are auditions usually held?

A: Auditions usually take place during the months of October and November. Please see your school counselor or visit our website for more information.  Check our Admissions page.

Q: Has anyone famous ever graduated from BAVPA?

A: We are proud to claim many very successful alumnae, including Jessie L. Martin (Law & Order, RENT), Ani DiFranco (recording artist, founder of Righteous Babe Record label and "Babeville"), Claudine Ewing (WGRZ-TV), Pete Gallivan (WGRZ-TV), Stefan Mychajliw (former TV reporter for WGRZ/WKBW, former Public Relations Officer for BPS), Ramona Thomas-Reynolds (Principal of MLK Multicultural Institute), Jody Covington (Principal at Arts Academy), Carmen Intorre (percussionist/drummer, graduate of Juilliard School of Music), George Davis (current music teacher at Arts Academy), Nicole Jones (current dance teacher at Arts Academy), and many more.

Q: Do you offer accelerated courses?

A: Yes. Students invited for participation in our accelerated program take advanced studies beginning in grade 7. During 8th grade, accelerated students take honors level courses including Integrated Algebra and Living Environment.

Visit our Guidance Page for more information.



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School Type:  Criteria-based

Grades: 5-12

Board District: Central 

Principal: Jody Covington

Uniforms: None

School Population:  724

2012 Scholarships:  $1,669,588(Dollar Amount)

NYS School Report Card: 2018-2019

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