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  • BPO Side By Side | Buffalo Arts Academy - BAVPA

    BAVPA Side by Side Concert DSC_0645 DSC_0645 DSC_0646 DSC_0644 DSC_0643 DSC_0642 DSC_0639 DSC_0641 DSC_0640 DSC_0709 BPO & BAVPA PARTNERSHIP ​ The Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts joins the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra for an in-depth, side-by-side experience for the music department students, while also providing a showcase for all the disciplines at BAVPA, including visual arts, media arts, drama and dance. Music students at BAVPA receive coaching sessions from BPO musicians leading up to the concert, and students from other departments prepare dramatic scenes, artwork, visuals and choreography that is incorporated into the program. The public is invited free of charge to experience the phenomenal talents of Buffalo’s rising artists. ​ Final Concert is Free & Opern to the Public

  • High School Program | buffaloartsacademy

    HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM The Arts Academy's highly qualified staff prepares our students for both college and career readiness, with excellence in both the Arts and Academics. Visit the Guidance Departments page for more detailed information. ​ Our current students continue to exceed NYS targets for academic performance, produce award-winning visual artwork, participate in All-County Music Festival, perform with the Buffalo Philharmonic, win entry to many film festivals, and attend the NYS Summer School for the Arts. All students are exposed to multiple guest artists and are challenged with professional level curriculum and training. The school is presently partnered with many outside organizations who support our rigorous curriculum. These partnership allow our students to be involved within our community. Many of our outside organizations focus on integrating the various arts experiences as well as helping discover and develop their artistic talents. We support and nurture our students continued growth through these programs. ​ Programs of Study and Admissions The Arts Academy has six (6) distinctive major areas of study: Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts, Technical Theatre, and Media Communications (TV & Film). The Arts Academy requires that all students audition in their artistic area and formally submit an application through the district to include: academic records, testing information, and a letter of recommendation. Auditions are held in the fall of each year for admission the following September. ​ Advanced Placement Courses and Accelerated Courses The Arts Academy offers Advanced Placement courses in the following areas: Literature and Composition, Language and Composition, World History, U.S. History, Biology, Spanish, Art History, Studio in Art, and Music Theory. All students are encouraged to complete at least one (1) Advanced Placement course prior to graduation. Students in Grade 8 may choose to enroll in accelerated high school courses including Algebra and Living Environment. Electives - All students are encouraged to pursue courses outside of their major area of study to enrich their experience at the Arts Academy. Electives include but are not limited to: creative writing, fashion design, into to computer art, intro to photography, studio in media arts, keyboarding, and music in our lives. Grading System A- Excellent 92 – 100 3.50 – 4.00 B- Above Average 83 – 91 2.65 – 3.49 C- Average 82 – 74 1.90 – 2.64 D- Below Average 65 – 73 1.05 – 1.89 F- Failure 64 or Below 0.00- 1.04 Advanced Placement Courses are weighted 1.1% GPA's are calculated by averaging the courses students took in grades 9 through 11, including summer school. We do not calculate class rank.

  • Kindness Project | buffaloartsacademy

    The Kindness Project @ ARTS is a movement of people, driven by students and teachers, that are committed to building a happier community by making positive changes in how we act as individuals. We want to see a fundamentally different way that our school community interacts. We want to support a community that cares less about what they can get for themselves and more about the happiness of others. ​ Our aim is to help everyone create a better world by spreading awareness and increasing engagement in kind actions. We will conduct Random Acts of Kindness in classrooms and throughout the building. Contact Ms. Kim Jones for more information or to get involved. KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS The positive effects of kindness are experienced in the brain of everyone who witnessed the act, improving their mood and making them significantly more likely to “pay it forward.” This means one good deed in a crowded area can create a domino effect and improve the day of dozens of people! KINDNESS IS TEACHABLE “It’s kind of like weight training, we found that people can actually build up their compassion ‘muscle’ and respond to others’ suffering with care and a desire to help.” Dr. Ritchie Davidson , University of Wisconsin Please reload Our wonderful friends at the Action for Happiness organization provided this Kindness Calendar for the month of November 2021.

  • Arts Academy in the News | buffaloartsacademy

    Arts Academy in the News click on the picture links for the news stories. Arts Students in the NEWS 4/30/2020, Arts on Quarantine - WKBW Feature Story Our middle-school students compete in the What's So Cool About Manufacturing Video Contest! WKBW News Story US Postal Service unveils the Gregory Hines stamp at the Arts Academy Black History Program. Alumna Passes 1st Round for Amer Idol Ms. Saxon is a featured music educator in The Metropolitan Opera's Music Education Program. Arts Academy students perform Side-by-Side the BPO at Kleinhans Music Hall

  • Admissions Process | Buffalo Arts Academy - BAVPA

    Top of Page L'application Audition est temporairement indisponible. Cliquez ici pour être alerté quand il est disponible. (mis à jour le 21/12) Le processus d'audition pour l'entrée dans l'année scolaire 2021-2022 sera ajusté en raison de problèmes de sécurité liés au COVID-19. Nous nous engageons à fournir un processus équitable et sûr. Le processus ajusté permettra aux étudiants de soumettre leur audition en ligne. Les candidats ne viendront pas à la Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts pour leur audition. L'audition sera une version modifiée de notre processus régulier. Remplissez le formulaire ci-dessus pour être averti lorsque les exigences d'audition et le portail d'application sont ouverts. Contactez le coordinateur des auditions, M. Don Jones pour plus d'informations., téléphone 716-816-4220 ext. 1128 APPLIQUER AU BAVPA Choisissez le département auquel vous postulerez (voir ci-dessous) Remplissez le formulaire de placement de district du BPS (bientôt disponible) Rubrique Scoring: Audition 70%, Bilan 25%, Formulaire de recommandation 5% Cliquez sur les liens du département ci-dessous pour en savoir plus sur la façon de postuler. Click On the Department Links below to learn more about the Arts' Departments

  • Dance | Buffalo Arts Academy - BAVPA

    DANCE DEPARTMENT VISIT THE DANCE GALLERY Click through this presentation to learn more about the Dance Department

  • Distinguished Alumni | buffaloartsacademy

    Distinguished Alumni The Arts Academy is extremely proud to have nurtured and molded many successful alumni, some of which include: Jessie L. Martin (The Flash, RENT, Law & Order), Ani DiFranco (recording artist, founder of "Babeville"), Claudine Ewing (WGRZ-TV), Pete Gallivan (WGRZ-TV), Stefan Mychajliw (Erie County Comptroller),Ramona Thomas-Reynolds (Principal of MLK), Carmen Intorre (professional percussionist/drummer, graduate of Juilliard School of Music), Gabriel Croom (broadway cast of “Lion King”), Elizabeth Young (President/Creative Director at Studio LLc),Julian Montague (graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and installation artist). Current Arts Academy alumni on staff include: Jody Covington (Principal), George Davis (vocal music), Nicole Jones (dance), Jay Ingerson (technical theatre), David Riffel (media), Don Jones (admissions coordinator). Alumni News Photo Memories

  • 12 ANGRY MEN | buffaloartsacademy

    12 ANGRY MEN by Reginald Rose Tickets are on Sale NOW Black Box Theatre 450 Masten Ave. Buffalo, NY 14209 Call 816-4220, ext. 1108 to purchase your tickets School Matinee: Monday, March 28th, 2022 @ 9:50 am Evening & Matinee Performances: Friday, March 25th, 2022 @ 7:00 pm Saturday, March 26th, 2022 @ 2:00 pm Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

  • Visual Arts | Buffalo Arts Academy - BAVPA